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Jim and Lorraine Conaway established C&C Wealth Strategies in 1996 to plan for better futures. Our company provides wealth preservation strategies encompassing financial planning, tax strategy, real estate investing, insurance solutions and more. Jim and Lorraine guide C&C by their moral obligations which suite to always put their clients’ financial lives in as the forefront of the business. Jim, Lorraine & the staff are continuously educating themselves on different ways to help clients meet their financial goals. It is through a cognizant design of support and education where we establish lifelong relationships with clients and their families. 

Our Mission

We strive to provide you with value, clarity & confidence through education, customized solutions and strategies to guide you to your financial desires. 

Our Commitment

Our goal here at C&C Wealth Strategies is to consistently provide each client with personal, unique, and comprehensive financial strategies, along with various other tools and resources that are specific and unique to our firm. As a client you will receive more than just prudent financial advice, but an all-encompassing approach to your financial life. We strive to provide the comfort of knowing what your money is supposed to do for you, along with the path of purpose and clarity in addressing those objectives. It is crucial for us to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

With the help of our talented staff, we will team up with your tax advisors, legal advisors, and any other professional you deem appropriate in order to provide comprehensive, integrated services. It is our wish that you'll discover our team truly cares about you and your goals. In the years of service we provide, it is common for our clients to become part of our extended family themselves. We look forward to joining you in this journey every step along the way.

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