Our Six Step Process

Step #1 Consultation

Our introductory step is our opportunity to welcome you to our family and provide you with a glimpse of our capabilities.  A comprehensive financial plan requires Confidence & Clarity between all parties involved and our preliminary step will allow you to develop a sense of confidence in our services.  During your consultation we will discuss your preliminary goals and determine your specific needs.  Once you are ready to begin the planning phase, we ask that you review our welcome packet to include our client questionnaires.


Step #2 Goals & Analysis Review

After reviewing all of your financial data, together we determine your short and long-term goals.  This is the most important step in creating a plan that is designed for your specific needs.  After your goals and financial analysis are thoroughly reviewed, we may begin designing your financial plan.


Step #3 Recommendations

After we have designed your comprehensive financial plan you will receive our recommendations.  Utilizing over 40 years of combined financial industry experience and encompassing various areas of your particular situation, we will produce a clear and precise plan for your financial future.  As a member of your financial “power team,” we will coordinate our recommendations with your professional counsel to include tax advisors, accountants, and estate attorneys.


Step #4 Investment Education

Now that you are comfortable with the design of your plan, the next step will allow us an opportunity to explain in greater detail the items that we recommend.  All investment materials will be provided to you before this meeting to allow you time to prepare questions regarding the investments.  During the meeting, we encourage you to ask any and all questions you may have about the investment material so that you can go forward with complete Confidence & Clarity in your financial plan.  This step may be more than one appointment so we may cover all of investment opportunities in great detail.


Step #5 Strategy Implementation 

At this point our highly-trained team will begin to implement the changes agreed on during the recommendations step.  The staff at Conaway & Conaway will act as your concierge to assist you in securing the opportunities that have been outlined in your financial plan.  Upon completion of implementation phase, our office will provide you with an outline of your new financial plan and any documentation should you place new investments.


Step #6 Monitoring & Ongoing Support

The final step in our Six Step Process provides our Conaway family with continuing service and support*.  Our highly-trained team will be only a call away should you have any questions or concerns.  We are available to discuss any opportunities or challenges that you may encounter.  Financial plans are dynamic and should need adjustment in the future.  Should your situation change at any time during our Six Step Process we will adjust your plan to fit your new financial goals and needs. 

* The length of this step is determined by your Conaway package. It includes the ongoing monitoring and servicing of your plan along with an annual review. The on-going service of your plan beyond your initial service term may be subject to additional fees which will be determined in your annual review.